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Counsel and Legal Representation
  • Bail

    • First-instance bail hearings

    • Reverse-onus hearings

    • Bail reviews

    • Changes to bail terms

  • Preliminary Inquiries

  • Judge-alone, and Jury trials

  • Pre/mid/post-trial motions 

    • ​Exclusion/admission of evidence

    • Procedural issues

    • Third-party record disclosure applications

    • Disclosure orders

    • Case re-openings

    • Charter applications 

    • etc.

  • Sentencing, including:​

    • Conditional Sentence Order breach allegation hearings

    • Changes to probation order terms

  • Dangerous and Long-Term Offender Proceedings

  • Peace Bond/Criminal Code s.810 Hearings

  • Representation of victims:​

    • Private prosecutions

    • Certain criminal proceedings where a victim may have a right to participate or be represented by counsel

  • Matters of mental health​

    • Representation of persons who are subject to applications for mental health/psychiatric assessments and treatment orders under the Criminal Code

  • Representation of accused persons before the Gladue Courts

  • Firearms prohibition/forfeiture hearings

  • And more.

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Defence Against All Criminal Charges

  • ​Defence against criminal charges that are found in the following acts, and more:

    • Criminal Code of Canada

    • Controlled Drugs and Substances Act

    • Cannabis Act

    • Customs Act

    • etc.

    • Defence of all summary conviction and indictable criminal matters.

  • Personal injury offences/harassment​

    • Assaults (common, bodily harm, aggravated), criminal harassment, threats

  • Property offences, robberies, etc.​

    • Robbery (armed, masked, etc.), extortion, and criminal interest rates

    • Thefts, mischief to property, arson

    • Break and entry, prowling at night

  • Frauds​

    • Common and complex frauds (banking, organizations, etc.)

    • Forgeries, unlawful possession/use of financial data

    • Offences relating to currency

  • Drug Offences​

    • Possession, trafficking, importation/exportation, producing

    • Conspiracies to commit drug offences

  • Driving Offences​

    • Impaired operation of a motor-vehicle ("DUI"), refusals to comply with breath sample or drug testing demands.

    • Dangerous driving

    • Driving while disqualified/prohibited

  • Weapons Offences​

    • Firearms (import/export, trafficking, possession, use in the commission of other offences, etc.)

    • Prohibited and "other" weapons

  • Organized Crime​

    • Conspiracies to commit indictable offences

    • Gaming and betting

  • Homicides​

    • Murder, manslaughter, other unlawful deaths (impaired driving, criminal negligence, etc.)

  • Sexual offences

  • Offences against the administration of Justice​

    • Court order breaches

    • Failure to attend Court

    • Perjury

    • Obstruction of Justice/Police

    • Resisting arrest

  • Offences Against Public Order (Riots, unlawful assemblies) and Terrorism Offences

  • Dangerous and Long-Term Offender matters

  • Representation of victims of crime in certain criminal proceedings.

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Helping You Against Police and State Misconduct

  • Every person in Canada has Rights and Freedoms guaranteed under the The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.   You may be entitled to various legal remedies, if state actors (police, Crown, etc.) have violated your guaranteed Charter rights in the course of an investigation, arrest, or prosecution against you.  Such remedies may include the exclusion of potentially incriminating evidence at trial, or the case against you may even be terminated by the Court ("stay of proceedings") if the Charter violation is of a sufficiently serious nature.  

  • Luigi Perzia litigates cases involving:

    • Complex constitutional litigation 

    • Police brutality, excessive use of force, harassment

    • Unreasonable searches and seizures

    • Arbitrary or racially motivated arrests or detentions

    • Other breaches of your rights and freedoms guaranteed under the The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    • Applications seeking the exclusion of potentially incriminating evidence at trial

    • Unconstitutional laws, practices, presumptions

    • Prosecutorial misconduct

    • and more.

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Defence Against Regulatory and Various Provincial Offence Charges

Defence of cases being prosecuted under the following acts, and more:

  • Charges prosecuted under the Provincial Offences Act

  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act

  • The Environmental Protection Act

  • The Highway Traffic Act

  • The Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act

  • etc.

Contact the law office of Luigi Perzia for further information.

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